Who we are

We are a group of dreamers and visionaries who believe that good things don't happen to you, you make them happen. Started with a small insight that humans are no more just social animals, they are digitally social animals. And the internet has become a part of the Maslow's Hirercary of needs for the people of this time. We see this as a great opportunity and a great disadvantage too. Since there is no way to moderate the use of the internet and people are getting hooked to Facebook, Instagram etc rather than using it for their advantage.

We are here to give them an option to do things otherwise.

Sip And Swap Meet up stories people offline
Priyesh Thakkar - Founder & CEO Sip And Swap
Priyesh Thakkar - Founder

Our mission

Our mission is to help people grow in their lives by getting them to spend their time productively, meet new people and make their stories happen.
In the end no one remembers the bank balance you have but the memories you created. We are driven by emotion and how we can create an impact in peoples lives.